Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Last Night

So tonight is the last night of my "youth". Not that I feel 30 is old, I guess I just always saw myself at a different place by the time I was 30. My Mom had all 5 of her kids by my age and Travis' Mom had 8 of hers. Most of my friends are sending their oldest to kindergarden and talking about having their 3rd or 4th.
I am greatful for my wonderful marriage and even thankful for the 9.5 years we have had to really get to know each other and learn to work well together. I think that it's fitting that as I leave my "roaring" 20's behind that I look forward to starting the next chapter hopefully with some good news on the baby front. Good bye youth, hello tomorrow

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Marilyn Tibbitts said...

Remember your only as old as you feel. So I would say you're still in your mid 20's. :) So good luck, have fun and make your 30's count. Happy Birthday!